Put The World On Hold

Put the world on hold and step into Nature with a different rhythm.

Join our Cumberland Island Safari and be part of a small group of nature lovers and artists lodging on the island in an historical home. The opportunities to photograph, paint, sketch and generally soak in the island’s beauty are abundant.


This spectacular 17 mile island lying off the southern coast of Georgia features subtropical jungles, 50’ sand dunes and hauntingly beautiful beaches. It is also home to wild horses and abundant wildlife. Many may have heard of this magnificent island but few have had the chance to visit because of its limited accessibility and protected status as a National Seashore. Next safari will be Spring, 2019 with limited availability.

“Cumberland Island is the Lord talking to himself, and oh how he do go on”
Vasco de Mende, from the Greyfield Inn guest book


The changing tides slowly alter the landscape, offering different scenes throughout the day. The sun rises over the ocean and sets on the salt marsh in a spectacular array of color. These safaris embrace the changing tides and cycles of the moon so we also experience ocean moonrises, a galaxy of stars and a landscape bathed in moonlight.


Besides the landscape, undoubtedly the most unique feature of the island is the abundant wildlife. Wild horses roam free and travel thru the jungle, the beach and the primitive trails. Families of turkey’s trot by with loggerhead turtles, deer, alligators, brilliant white egrets and bald eagles flying overhead, all inhabiting the island together.

This jewel of Georgia’s coastal islands was also once the playground for the elite during the turn of the century. Some mansions remain from that time and others in ruins are displayed proudly of what was. This rich history adds to the allure and intrigue of Cumberland Island.


Where Will I Stay?

We offer an opportunity to experience the island in a unique and very comfortable way. This expedition is for photographers and artists who desire the freedom to explore the island at their own pace without workshops, speakers or seminars.

We reside in one of the Carnegie family’s homes built at the turn of the century and share bedrooms, bathrooms and outdoor showers with expert guide and photographer Gary Gruby.


Walk to different parts of the island to explore on your own or travel in our Landcruiser for areas too far to walk for island explorations, sunrises and sunsets. It is a rarity to have a vehicle on the island and we might get a little dirty chasing the light. Bikes are also available. Three meals a day are included and are fresh, homemade and abundant, along with water, snacks and non-alcoholic beverages. Reasonable requests and dietary restrictions will be courteously considered.


How Will I Get There?

Accessible only by water, you will take a private ferry to the island that leaves from Fernandina Beach, FL. The round-trip ferry reservation is included. Our small group stays on the island for 6 days and 5 nights, although shorter overnight stays are possible.

"If you don't like the weather, just wait 20 minutes."


Our next Safari will be early spring 2019. Limited avilability- reserve your spot soon! For cost information and other questions please email us thru our contact page.


"Last night we went down to the Grange dock. The moon was a crescent rising in the west. Water in the creek was still, like a mirror. The reeds of the marsh were smooth like velvet. We saw Jupiter and 4 moons."

J.C. 1982 from The Grange guest book

"I would say 'breathe deeply' and you would breathe and remember that smell for the rest of your life; the bold, fecund aroma of the tidal marsh, exquisite and sensual, the smell of the South in heat, a smell like new milk, semen and spilled wine, all perfumed with seawater."

Pat Conroy from the Greyfield Inn guest book